Internship Track Options

  • Health Care Track

    The centerpiece of The Lakewood Fellowship Intern Program-Health Care Track is a six-week world class medical experience.
  • Business Track

    The centerpiece of The Lakewood Fellowship Intern Program-Business Track is a six-week placement at top level firms in New York City.


The Lakewood Fellowship Intern Program provides select college students world-class professional opportunities in leading companies and institutions spanning several key industries. Ambitious students in pursuit of careers in finance, law, accounting, real estate, health care and marketing enjoy an exceptional opportunity that combines outstanding experience in high-level work environments, exclusive access to industry leaders and unparalleled professional development activities.

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Stew n’ Brews: Eat, drink and be more than merry with words of wisdom and inspiration from Torah Scholars and lay leaders from the Lakewood community.


Judaism One-on-One: One-on-one learning in Beth Medrash Govoha, Lakewood, NJ with a graduate student. Analyze, debate and study the Jewish wisdom from 3,000 years ago until today.


Shabbatonim: Experience Shabbat in Lakewood like no where else, great food, dance and more food, and more dance and more food, and more food…


Scholar in Residence: Opportunity to hear and meet world class internationally acclaimed speakers including: Rabbi Akiva Tatz, Rabbi Motty Berger and Rabbi Avrohom Jacobowitz

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